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First And Second Grade

Year 1, Quarter 1 (FALL)

List of Materials
Unit 1In the Beginning (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 4 Sep 20221. Creation of the WorldGenesis 1- God is givingI will be thankful and creative.Genesis 1:31
Sun, 11 Sep 20222. Creation of ManGenesis 1:27, 2- God made me specialEveryone is special to God.Genesis 2:18
Sun, 18 Sep 20223. Adam and EveGenesis 2-3- obeying ... God takes care of meI will trust God to provide.1 John 5:3
Sun, 25 Sep 20224. Cain and AbelGenesis 4- violence and resolving conflictI need to forgive and love my siblings.Isaiah 1:16-17
Sun, 2 Oct 20225. NoahGenesis 6-9- God takes care of me ... God is happy when I do right ... obedienceI will help others to know about God.Genesis 6:22
Unit 2God's Family (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 9 Oct 20221. The Call and the PromiseGenesis 12-21- God does what he says ... trustI believe the Bible. I will be patient.Romans 4:18
Sun, 16 Oct 20222. Faith and ObedienceGenesis 22- respect and obedienceGod will provide; I will trust him with my priorities.Genesis 22:12
Sun, 23 Oct 20223. Devotion to GodGenesis 24- purpose of family is to serve GodI will serve God in every area of my life.Genesis 24:51
Sun, 30 Oct 20224. Family FeudGenesis 25, 27- consequences of selfishnessGod wants me to be selfless in my service.Philippians 2:3
Sun, 6 Nov 20225. Family ReunionGenesis 28-33- honesty ... resolving conflictHumility and repentance are important.Genesis 33:4
Unit 3The Life of Joseph (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 13 Nov 20221. Young JosephGenesis 37:1-11- do my bestI am special to God.1 Timothy 4:12
Sun, 20 Nov 20222. Tried and TrueGenesis 37:12-36; Genesis 39-40- do my best ... pray to GodPrayer helps me deal with problems and difficult situations.Genesis 39:20-21
Sun, 27 Nov 20223. Joseph Saves His FamilyGenesis 41-46- forgiveness ... resolving conflictI will forgive my siblings.Genesis 45:5