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Four and Five Year Olds

Year 1, Quarter 2 (WINTER)

List of Materials
Unit 3Jesus (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 20 Nov 20221. The AngelLuke 1:26-38 Matthew 1:18-25- God is givingI need to be thankful and obedient.Matthew 3:17
Sun, 27 Nov 20222. Mary Visits ElizabethLuke 1:39-56- Openess
- sharing
I will share about God.Matthew 3:17
Sun, 4 Dec 20223. Jesus Is BornLuke 2:1-20- God is powerfulI am eager to be with Jesus and spread the word.Matthew 3:17
Sun, 11 Dec 20224. EscapeMatthew 2:1-18- God took care of JesusI am eager to know Jesus.Matthew 3:17
Sun, 18 Dec 20225. Anna and SimeonLuke 2:21-40- Grateful for Jesus
- God does what he says
I am trusting and joyful.John 3:16
Sun, 25 Dec 20226. Jesus In the TempleLuke 41-52- Jesus' purposeI help others by being willing to speak up and give answers.John 3:16
Sun, 1 Jan 20237. John the BaptistJohn 1:29-34 Matthew 3:1-17- respectI respect others by putting them first.John 3:16
Sun, 8 Jan 20238. ReviewHASH(0x7f880d251810)-HASH(0x7f880d260738)John 3:16
Unit 4Heroes of Old (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 15 Jan 20231. Moses' BirthExodus 1-2:10- loving others
- being faithful
I will love others and be faithful even when it is scary.Exodus 3:12
Sun, 22 Jan 20232. The Burning BushExodus 3:1-10- God is powerful
- God cares about me
God is powerful and I can trust him.Exodus 3:12
Sun, 29 Jan 20233. ExodusExodus 13:17-22; Exodus 14- Obeying GodI will obey.Exodus 3:12
Sun, 5 Feb 20234. The Shepherd Boy1 Samuel 16- God loves me
- God chose me, I'm special
I am grateful and confident.Joshua 1:5
Sun, 12 Feb 20235. David and Goliath1 Samuel 17- God takes care of meI trust God in overwhelming situations.Joshua 1:5
Sun, 19 Feb 20236. David and Jonathan1 Samuel 18:1-4; 1 Samuel 19:1-7- sharingWhen I share, I care about others more than my things.Joshua 1:5