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First And Second Grade

Year 1, Quarter 3 (SPRING)

List of Materials
Unit 7Jesus with People (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 26 Feb 20231. Lunch for 5,000John 6:1-4- giving and sharingMy prayers for thanks can be powerful.Philippians 4:19
Sun, 5 Mar 20232. The Poor WidowLuke 21:1-4; Mark 12:41-44- giving ... doing my best for GodGod notices when I do my best.2 Corinthians 9:7
Sun, 12 Mar 20233. Touched by JesusJohn 11:1-44- Jesus loves all peopleJesus wants me to love and help the sick.Mark 1:41
Sun, 19 Mar 20234. The Samaritan WomanJohn 4:1-38- God knows me ... tell others about JesusI will tell others what God has done for me.Hebrews 13:16
Unit 8Jesus Gives Life (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 26 Mar 20231. Anointed at BethanyJohn 12:1-8- thankful and gratefulI need to show Jesus that I honor and appreciate him.1 Corinthians 15:57
Sun, 2 Apr 20232. Triumphal EntryHASH(0x7f880d27a6c0)- God gave Jesus ... Jesus loves all peopleI can praise God.Psalm 100:1-2
Sun, 9 Apr 20233. CrucifixionMatthew 27; Luke 23; John 19- God is givingJesus had to die to forgive the sins of the world.John 3:16
Sun, 16 Apr 20234. ResurrectionMatthew 28; Luke 24; John 20; John 11:25- God is powerfulGod raised Jesus to life!Matthew 28:6
Unit 9Adventures of Moses (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 23 Apr 20231. Early YearsExodus 2-3- God has a planGod is always with me.Romans 8:28
Sun, 30 Apr 20232. The Call of MosesExodus 3-4:17- God has a plan for my lifeGod wants to use me to help other people know him.Exodus 3:12
Sun, 7 May 20233. Plagues and PassoverExodus 7-12- God is powerful ... God takes care of meGod is serious about sin. How valuable is God's forgiveness to me?Deuteronomy 6:3
Sun, 14 May 20234. ExodusExodus 12-14- Moses led powerfully ... faithGod still does amazing things today!Exodus 14:22
Sun, 21 May 20235. Ten CommandmentsExodus 19-20- God wants me to do rightI need to pay attention to God's laws.Exodus 20:20
Sun, 28 May 20236. Wilderness YearsDeuteronomy 2-3 Numbers 13-14- God is not happy when I do wrongThere are consequences to disobedience.Deuteronomy 1:21