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Third and Fourth Grade

Year 1, Quarter 3 (SPRING)

List of Materials
Unit 5Judges (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 19 Feb 20231. DeborahJudges 4-5- obedience
- God protects
I can have courage if I trust God.Judges 5:2
Sun, 26 Feb 20232. GideonJudges 6- God is powerful
- God has a plan - trust, faith and obedience
God will help me in the most "impossible" situations.Psalm 118:6-7
Sun, 5 Mar 20233. SamsonJudges 13- God is my strength when I do right
- God has a plan for my life - friends in the church
I need to choose friends who love God.1 Corinthians 15:33
Sun, 12 Mar 20234. Hannah-The Birth of Samuel1 Samuel 2-4- God answers prayer
- faith in God - gratitude
God answers all my prayers.1 John 5:14-15
Sun, 19 Mar 20235. Eli and His Sons1 Samuel 2-4- God is wise and knows best
- consequences of sin - obey your parents first time
I need to obey and respect my parents.Ephesians 6:1-3
Sun, 26 Mar 20236. Samuel and Saul1 Samuel 9-15- God has a plan
- consequences of disobedience
I need to obey God completely.1 Samuel 15:22-23
Sun, 2 Apr 20237. RuthRuth 1-4- respecting and loving others pleases God
- respect for authority - God has a plan
- trust God
I need to be respectful and loyal to my parents, leaders and those in authority.Ruth 1:16-18
Unit 6Kings (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 9 Apr 20231. David Anointed1 Samuel 16- God has a plan
- heart over behavior and appearance - God knows what is in my heart
Image (appearance) is nothing; heart is everything.1 Samuel 16:7
Sun, 16 Apr 20232. David and Saul1 Samuel 18-20- respect for leaders and authority
- inside over outside - self-control
Envy and bitterness destroy my friendships and my relationship with God.Proverbs 14:30
Sun, 23 Apr 20233. David and Jonathan1 Samuel 20 2 Samuel 1-2- best friends in the church
- respect/loyalty for leaders and authority - dealing with cliques
My best friends don't need to be just like me; but they need to love God.Psalm 133:1
Sun, 30 Apr 20234. David's Mighty Men2 Samuel 23:8-23- power of God
- best friends in the church - serving
God wants me to be totally devoted to him. Other people who are totally devoted will be my best friends.2 Chronicles 16:9
Sun, 7 May 20235. The Reign of Solomon2 Chronicles 1-9- passion
- doing my best - valuing wisdom
I need to know what it really means to "fear God."Proverbs 9:10
Sun, 14 May 20236. EcclesiastesEcclesiastes 1-12- attitude toward the world
- people vs. things - pleasing God vs. people
True knowledge comes from a healthy fear of God.Ecclesastes 12:13