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Four and Five Year Olds

Year 1, Quarter 3 (SPRING)

List of Materials
Unit 5Friends of Jesus (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 26 Feb 20231. Jesus Makes FriendsJohn 1:35-42- friendly
- Jesus' purpose
I will be friendly.John 13:15
Sun, 5 Mar 20232. Bring Friends to JesusJohn 1:35-42- sharing
- bringing family and friends to church
I will share my faith with others.John 13:15
Sun, 12 Mar 20233. A Miraculous CatchLuke 5:1-15- obeying JesusI obey the Bible and my parents.John 13:15
Sun, 19 Mar 20234. The Unmerciful ServantMatthew 18:21-35- forgivingI forgive those who hurt me.Colossians 3:20
Sun, 26 Mar 20235. Jesus, James and JohnLuke 9:51-56- Jesus loved all people
- Jesus was self-controlled
- Jesus was forgiving
I care about others and will be self-controlled.Colossians 3:20
Sun, 2 Apr 20236. The Last SupperJohn 13:1-17- loving others
- openess
I will show Jesus to others by serving and sharing like Jesus.Colossians 3:20
Sun, 9 Apr 20237. ReviewJohn 1:35-51, 13:1-17; Luke 5:1-11, 9:51-56; Matthew 18:21-35- Obeying happilyI will learn from Jesus to be a friend to othersJohn 13:15
Unit 6The Nature of God (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 16 Apr 20231. Ten CommandmentsExodus 19-20- God gave us the BibleI believe and trust that God wrote the Bible.Psalm 119:105
Sun, 23 Apr 20232. Josiah Loves the WordPsalm 119:105; Psalm 19:7-14- Bible makes me happyI am happy to obey the Bible.Psalm 119:105
Sun, 30 Apr 20233. Joshua Listens to GodJoshua 5:13-15- God is powerfulThere is power listening to God.Psalm 119:105
Sun, 7 May 20234. God is PowerfulJoshua 6:1-21- God is powerfulThere is power in obeying God.James 5:13
Sun, 14 May 20235. God Listens to MeJoshua 10:1-15- God hears meThere is power in courageous and bold prayer.James 5:13
Sun, 21 May 20236. Righteous or ReligiousLuke 18:9-14- God hears meI will be confident and have a desire to pray.James 5:13