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First And Second Grade

Year 1, Quarter 4 (SUMMER)

List of Materials
Unit 10Joshua (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 4 Jun 20231. Entrance into CanaanJoshua 1-4- God keeps his promisesGod wants me to be happy and will give me what I need.Joshua 1:9
Sun, 11 Jun 20232. JerichoJoshua 5:13-6:27- God is powerfulGod is bigger than my biggest problem.Ephesians 3:20
Sun, 18 Jun 20233. Achan's SinJoshua 7-8- God is not happy when I sinGod is not happy if I am lying or hiding something that I have done wrong.Proverbs 15:9
Sun, 25 Jun 20234. The Sun Stands StillJoshua 10:1-15- God is powerfulGod will help me in amazing ways.Psalm 150:2
Sun, 2 Jul 20235. ReviewHASH(0x7f880d2acbb8)-HASH(0x7f880d2a7b88)HASH(0x7f880d2a70a8)
Unit 11Young Heroes for God (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 9 Jul 20231. Samuel1 Samuel 1:1-3; 1 Samuel 3:10- God has a plan for meGod blesses faith, even if I am surrounded by others who do evil.1 Samuel 3:10
Sun, 16 Jul 20232. David1 Samuel 16-17- God is a fatherGod looks at my heart, not my appearance or ability.1 Samuel 16:7
Sun, 23 Jul 20233. Solomon1 Kings 3:4-15- God is givingGod gives what I ask for when I ask with a right heart.Daniel 12:3
Sun, 30 Jul 20234. RuthRuth 1-4- God has a plan for my lifeIf I trust God in all circumstances, he will bless me.Ruth 1:16
Sun, 6 Aug 20235. EstherEsther 1-10- God has a plan for my lifeGod puts me in situations where he can use me to help others.Esther 4:14
Sun, 13 Aug 20236. Josiah2 Chronicles 34-35- God gave us the BibleGod wants us to lead people to follow the Bible.Psalm 119:30
Sun, 20 Aug 20237. DanielDaniel 6- God is powerfulGod can rescue me from the most impossible situations.Daniel 6:16
Sun, 27 Aug 20238. ReviewReview- ReviewReviewReview