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Third and Fourth Grade

Year 1, Quarter 4 (SUMMER)

List of Materials
Unit 7Divided Kingdom (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 21 May 20231. The Kingdom Divides1 Kings 12- respect for elders
- consequences of sin - peer pressure
I need to obey God and godly advice no matter what everyone else is doing.Psalm 119:112
Sun, 28 May 20232. The Northern Kingdom 11 Kings 18:16ff- power of God
- peer pressure - pleasing God vs. people
If I take a stand for God, even when perse- cuted, I win with God.2 Timothy 3:12
Sun, 4 Jun 20233. The Northern Kingdom 22 Kings 2-5- passion of Jesus
- pleasing God vs. people - toughness of character
- righteous anger - imitation
I need to respect and imitate my leaders.Hebrews 13:17
Sun, 11 Jun 20234. The Southern Kingdom2 Kings 18-23- God takes care of me
- God gives me the Word - consequences of not obeying the Bible
I can be a great example and be a leader at any age.1 Timothy 4:12
Unit 8Exile and Return (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 18 Jun 20231. EstherEsther 1-10- God has a plan for me
- boldness and truthfulness
I need to think of others first, and God will take care of me.Esther 4:14
Sun, 25 Jun 20232. Ezra and NehemiahEzra 1-10; Nehemiah 1-13- friends in the church
- obeying from the heart - willingness to work hard
- cooperation
Satan uses people to discourage me.James 4:4-5
Unit 9The Prophets (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 2 Jul 20231. Who Were These Men?Exodus 4:15-17; 2 Peter 1:20-21- God's inspired word, God's eternal plan
- God's plan for me - toughness, boldness, courage
- efforts vs. results
I need to be a radical spokesperson for God.Memorize the Major Prophets
Sun, 9 Jul 20232. IsaiahIsaiah 40-53- Jesus is God's son
- fulfillment of prophecy - God's plan for my life
- God sees hypocrisy
God planned for Jesus to die for me a long time ago.Isaiah 53:12
Sun, 16 Jul 20233. JeremiahJeremiah 1- boldnessI can do amazing things for God.Jeremiah 1:8
Sun, 23 Jul 20234. DanielDaniel 1-12- trusting God
- never compromise
Compromising is never good for me.Daniel 9:18-19
Sun, 30 Jul 20235. EzekielEzekiel 33-34, 37- God's power over people and natureI am God's watchman.Ezekiel 33:7
Sun, 6 Aug 20236. Jonah and HabakkukHabakkuk 1-3- trust GodTrust God even when everything seems wrong.Memorize the Minor Prophets
Sun, 13 Aug 20237. Haggai and MalachiHaggai 1-2; Malachi 1-4- God is hurt when I withhold my best from himI need to do my best to make God happy.Haggai 1:7; Psalm 51:17
Unit 10Old Testament Review (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 20 Aug 20231. God's Family ReunionJob 1-2, 38-42- God has a reason for my tough times
- peer pressure
I need to trust that God will take care of me even when things go wrong.Job 5:17
Sun, 27 Aug 20232. The Law and the ProphetsPsalm 23, 119, 139- God deserves and wants my praiseI can sing and talk to God.Psalm 139:23