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Four and Five Year Olds

Year 1, Quarter 4 (SUMMER)

List of Materials
Unit 7Giving (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 28 May 20231. He Shared His LunchJohn 6:1-15- sharingI will share in the moment.John 13:34
Sun, 4 Jun 20232. Feeding Five ThousandJohn 6:1-15- servingI will serve in the moment.John 13:34
Sun, 11 Jun 20233. The ParalyticMark 2:1-12- friendly
- loving others
I can love others by being friendly and helping those in need.John 13:34
Sun, 18 Jun 20234. I'm HealedMark 2:1-12- Jesus loves all peopleI care about people different than myself.Mark 10:21
Sun, 25 Jun 20235. Blind BartimaeusMark 10:46-52- listen to and love othersI listen to others.Mark 10:21
Sun, 2 Jul 20236. I Can SeeMark 10:46-52- Jesus loves all people
- compassion towards those who are different
I will have compassion on others who are different.Mark 10:21
Unit 8Miracles of Jesus (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 9 Jul 20231. Calming the StormMark 4:35-41- God takes care of meI am confident, happy and trusting God.Mark 4:41
Sun, 16 Jul 20232. Quiet! Be Still!Mark 4:35-41- God is powerfulI will not be afraid!Mark 4:41
Sun, 23 Jul 20233. Walking on WaterMark 6:45-51- God is powerfulGod has power over nature.Mark 4:41
Sun, 30 Jul 20234. Peter's WalkMark 6:45-51- God is powerfulGod has power over my problems!Mark 4:41
Unit 9More Heroes of Old (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 6 Aug 20231. Jonah Runs AwayJonah 1-2- God is happy when I obey
- God is sad when I disobey
Obedience is good.Judges 6:14
Sun, 13 Aug 20232. Jonah ObeysJonah 3- I will obey the first timeObey the first time.Judges 6:14
Sun, 20 Aug 20233. GideonJudges 6- I will do my best
- God love me
Strive for excellence and love God.Judges 6:14
Sun, 27 Aug 20234. Mighty WarriorJudges 7- God is powerfulI will stand in awe of God.Judges 6:14