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Third and Fourth Grade

Year 2, Quarter 5 (FALL)

List of Materials
Unit 11Jesus' Beginnings (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 5 Sep 20211. The Early Years- Jesus is God's son
- God has a plan for us
I need to change to be close to God.Matthew 1:18-3:12Matthew 1:23
Sun, 12 Sep 20212. Baptism and Temptation- Jesus loved God and turned to him for help.I need to be excited about my relationship with God.Matthew 3:13-4:11Matthew 3.17
Sun, 19 Sep 20213. The First Disciples- Bring friends to church
- Pleasing God vs. people
To follow Jesus I must count the cost.Matthew 4:17-4:25Matthew 4:19
Unit 12Sermon on the Mount (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 26 Sep 20211. Beatitudes- Inside vs. outside
- Attitude toward sin
I will be blessed if I live by God's word and hate sin.Matthew 5:1-12Matthew 5:8
Sun, 3 Oct 20212. The Law: Old vs. New- Avoiding legalism
- Obey from the heart
I need to obey God from the heart.Matthew 5:21-30, 38-481 Peter 1:22
Sun, 10 Oct 20213. Seeking God- Pleasing God not people
- Seek first the Kingdom
I need to please God by what I do.Matthew 6:1-15, 33Matthew 6:33
Unit 13Miracles (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 17 Oct 20211. Nature- Jesus is God
- God is in control
I can trust God with all parts of my life.Matthew 8:23-27Psalm 121:2
Sun, 24 Oct 20212. Healing- Jesus is God
- God is always good
I can trust God and love other people.Matthew 9:1-8Matthew 8:7
Sun, 31 Oct 20213. Driving Out Demons- Jesus is God
- Jesus loves all people
God has power for all my needs and can protect me.Matthew 8:5-13, 28-34; 15:21-28Psalm 46:1
Sun, 7 Nov 20214. Resurrections- Jesus' empathy and compassionGod cares deeply about me.Luke 7:11-17 John 11:1-44John 11:25
Unit 14The Kingdom (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 14 Nov 20211. What is the Kingdom?- Plan of salvation
- God has a plan for me
Jesus died so that I could enter the Kingdom.Matthew 16:13-20 Acts 2:22, 36-41Hebrews 12:28
Sun, 21 Nov 20212. Entering the Kingdom?- God sacrificed his only son for me.I must follow Jesus to be in the kingdom.John 3:1-21 Acts 2:22, 36-41Acts 2:38
Sun, 28 Nov 20213. Kingdom Parables- God wants me in his kingdomGod wants the Kingdom to grow.Luke 8:5-18,13:18-21 Matthew 13:47-50Luke 8:15
Sun, 5 Dec 20214. First the Kingdom- God will take care of us when we put him first.I can seek the kingdom.Luke 14:15-33 Matthew 13:44-45Quarter Review