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First and Second Grade

Year 2, Quarter 6 (WINTER)

List of Materials
Unit 15King of Kings (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 28 Nov 20211. The King Is BornLuke 2:1-20- God gives and protectsGod gave us Jesus to lead and protect us.Luke 2:11
Sun, 5 Dec 20212. The King Is ProtectedMatthew 2:1-18- God takes care of meGod can do amazing things to protect us.Psalm 32:7
Sun, 12 Dec 20213. The King Has ServantsMark 3:13-19- God has a purpose for my lifeJesus still wants people to do his work.Mark 3:14 (ICV)
Sun, 19 Dec 20214. The Kingdom Comes FirstMatthew 6:25-34- God takes care of us.
- His purpose comes first
We shouldn't worry. God knows what we need.Matthew 6:33 (NIRV)
Sun, 26 Dec 20215. The Kingdom Is For AllMark 16:15- Jesus loves everybodyGod wants all people to be in his church.Mark 16:15 (NIRV)
Sun, 2 Jan 20226. The Kingdom TodayMatthew 28:16-20- World MissionsGod's kingdom is growing today.Matthew 28:19
Unit 16God's Awesome Victories (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 9 Jan 20221. GideonJudges 6-7- God has a plan for our lives.God can use anybody who is willing to do his work.Judges 6:14
Sun, 16 Jan 20222. DeborahJudges 4-5- God takes care of me.God provides leaders to help us.Isaiah 58:9
Sun, 23 Jan 20223. EzekielEzekiel 37:1-14- God is father.God wants his people to be full of his spirit.Ezekiel 37:14
Sun, 30 Jan 20224. Elijah1 Kings 18:16-46- God takes care of me.God wants people to know that he is God.1 Kings 18:36
Sun, 6 Feb 20225. CorneliusActs 10- prayerGod is looking for people who want to know himColossians 4:2
Sun, 13 Feb 20226. David and GoliathI Samuel 17:31-50- God takes care of me.God wants me to be victorious.I Samuel 17:45