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Third and Fourth Grade

Year 2, Quarter 6 (WINTER)

List of Materials
Unit 15Women in the Life of Jesus (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 12 Dec 20211. A Sinful Woman- Not afraid to speak the truth
- Loving the sinner, hating the sin
I will not accuse or prejudge someone. I will forgive others.John 8:1-11 Luke 7:36-50Luke 7:47
Sun, 19 Dec 20212. Mary and Martha- Listen to God
- Comforting friends
I will listen to God.Luke 10: 38-42 John 11:1-44Luke 10:41-42
Sun, 26 Dec 20213. Samaritan Woman- Think of others before myself
- Wisdom from God
I can share my faith.John 4Philemon 6
Sun, 2 Jan 20224. Women Around the Cross- The women stayed close to Jesus until the end.I need to stay close to Jesus.John 19:25-27Acts 1:14
Unit 16Who is Jesus? (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 9 Jan 20221. Lord, Liar or Lunatic?- Believe that Jesus is who he says he is.
- Jesus is God.
Jesus is my only way to God.John 5:24, 6:35, 8:23-24,10:30, 14:6-7John 14:6
Sun, 16 Jan 20222. Man Who Understands- Jesus was a man
- Jesus could relate.
Jesus was tempted with the same things that I am today.Matthew 4:1-11 Hebrews 4:4-15Hebrews 4:15
Sun, 23 Jan 20223. Crucified Christ- plan of salvation
- Jesus loved me enough to die for me
Jesus died for me.John 3:16 Luke 22-23Romans 5:6
Sun, 30 Jan 20224. Resurrected Redeemer- Jesus did all that he said that he would do--even rise from the dead.Since Jesus rose from the dead, I can overcome.Luke 24:1-53Luke 24:6
Unit 17The Early Church (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 6 Feb 20221. The Church Begins- Jesus died to make for the church.I need to learn how to be devoted.Acts 2Acts 2:42
Sun, 13 Feb 20222. The Church Grows- The church is supposed to imitate Jesus.I need to become like Jesus before I can be a disciple.Acts 3-5Acts 2:47
Sun, 20 Feb 20223. The Church Scatters- Jesus comforts us when we are hurting.
- Disciples loved each other.
I need to spread the word.Acts 6:1-15, 7:1-60, 8:1-3Acts 8:4
Sun, 27 Feb 20224. Samaria Receives the Word- Love for God is obedience
- God works through people
I can teach people about JesusActs 8:4-40Acts 8:35
Sun, 6 Mar 20225. Gentiles Enter the Kingdom- Anyone can love God, obey and serve himI need to reach out to all people.Acts 10:1-48, 11:1-18Acts 10:34-35
Sun, 13 Mar 20226. Persecution and Prayer- People who follow Jesus should be just like him.I can be like Jesus and teach others about God.Acts 11:19-26Acts 11:26