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First and Second Grade

Year 2, Quarter 7 (SPRING)

List of Materials
Unit 17Jesus Defeats Satan (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 20 Feb 20221. Jesus Is TemptedMatthew 4:1-11- Jesus depended on GodWe need to rely on God's Word.Matthew 4:4
Sun, 27 Feb 20222. The Last SupperJohn 13:1-17- ServingWe need to serve like Jesus served.John 13:15
Sun, 6 Mar 20223. Jesus' Friends LeaveMark 14:43-50, 66-72 Luke 22:39-53- self-denial; prayerGod can help me with self-control.Luke 22:42
Sun, 13 Mar 20224. The CrossMark 15:1-40- self-denial
- Jesus died for all
God wants to love all people like Jesus didRomans 8:32 (NIRV)
Sun, 20 Mar 20225. He's Alive!Matthew 28:1-10- God raised Jesus from the deadGod can change the most difficult situation.Matthew 28:6
Sun, 27 Mar 20226. Jesus Says Go!Matthew 28:16-20- Jesus' purposeWe need to go and tell.Matthew 28:19
Unit 18Early Church and Missions (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 3 Apr 20221. PentecostActs 1-2- God keeps his promises.
- God is powerful.
The church is the kingdom on earth todayActs 2:39
Sun, 10 Apr 20222. The Church GrowsActs 2:47,4:4,5:14- Jesus loves all peopleJesus still wants all people to know him today.1 Timothy 2:4
Sun, 17 Apr 20223. The Early ChurchPhilemon 1:1-7- Best friends in the church.We can go with our friends to tell others about God.Philemon 1:7
Sun, 24 Apr 20224. The Ethiopian EunuchActs 8:26-40- God has a plan for our lives.God is always helping people to find him.Acts 8:30-31
Unit 19Parables (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 1 May 20221. The mustard seedMatthew 13:31-32- God is powerfulGod wants the church to grow.Matthew 13:34
Sun, 8 May 20222. YeastMatthew 13:33- The church growsHow do I influence other people?Philippians 2:15
Sun, 15 May 20223. Hidden TreasureMatthew 13:44- God is always goodGod is the most valuable treasure.Matthew 13:44
Sun, 22 May 20224. PearlMatthew 13:45-46- God is always goodWe must look to find God's treasure.Matthew 6:21