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First and Second Grade

Year 2, Quarter 8 (SUMMER)

List of Materials
Unit 20Jesus' Miracles (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 29 May 20221. Water to WineJohn 2:1-11- Jesus has God's power to do miraclesBelieve that God sent Jesus.John 2: 11
Sun, 5 Jun 20222. Calming the StormLuke 8:22-25- Jesus has power over natureTrust in Jesus' power when I am afraid.Luke 8:25
Sun, 12 Jun 20223. Walking on WaterMatthew 14:22-33- Jesus is God's sonKeep my eyes on Jesus.Matthew 14:33
Sun, 19 Jun 20224. Healing a ParalyticMark 2:1-12- Jesus has power over diseaseAct on my faith.James 2:18
Sun, 26 Jun 20225. Raising the DeadLuke 8:40-42, 49-56- Jesus has power over deathPut my faith in Jesus.Luke 18:27
Sun, 3 Jul 20226. Jesus Appears to ThomasJohn 20:30-31- Jesus can do all thingsPray to Jesus about everything.John 20:31 (ICV)
Unit 21Choose Your Character (Unit-at-a-Glance)
Sun, 10 Jul 20221. Jesus in the TempleLuke 2:41-52- Jesus loved GodI want to love the church like Jesus did.Luke 1:47
Sun, 17 Jul 20222. Mary and MarthaLuke 10:38-42- Focus on people vs. thingsWhen I make time for Jesus, he helps us get other things done.Luke 10:42
Sun, 24 Jul 20223. Saul and SamuelI Samuel 15- Loving truthLove to tell the truth.Proverbs 17:20
Sun, 31 Jul 20224. David and Jonathan1 Samuel 20- Best friends in the churchMy friends should help me find strength in God.1 Samuel 20:
Sun, 7 Aug 20225. Tabitha (Dorcas)Acts 9:36-43- Giving and servingGive and serve others.Acts 9:36
Sun, 14 Aug 20226. LydiaActs 16:11-15- Eager and full of gratitudeExpress my desire to learn and grow.Acts 16:14
Sun, 21 Aug 20227. DanielDaniel 1- Pleasing God vs. pleasing peopleWhen we do what pleases God, he will take care of us.I Thessalonians 2:4
Sun, 28 Aug 20228. ReviewUnit Review- Imitating GodThe Bible teaches me how to be godly.Review